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The Deals/Coupons is a central online storehouse where participating businesses can further engage customers by offering exclusive deals, coupons, and electronic gift cards. Businesses have the ability to sell deals at a discounted price, advertise instant coupons and offer eGift Cards. Our eMarketplace helps merchants get discovered without the financial burden of discounting goods and further revenue splitting with the standard consumer discount sites.

The way businesses market to their constituent base has evolved! Previously, business marketing consisted of press releases, television ads, newspapers, cold calling and banner ads. Business was only affordable to those who had the largest marketing budgets available.

Today, people are inundated with thousands of marketing messages every single day and information has become an overload! With internet usage at an all-time high and the level of awareness people have, the traditional marketing approach is less effective.

Smart businesses engage their existing customers with incentives and loyalties while developing a way to enhance their current customer relationships. They are finding creative ways to engage new customers and understand the benefits of this approach. The eMarketPlace is a great way to achieve those goals without devaluing your offerings.

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