Transit provides the ecosystem for any transit authority to begin accepting mobile payments quickly and securely. EMoney currently delivers virtual bus passes to Ocean City.

EMoney Wallet includes a pay-for-parking component that allows users a simplified way to feed and manage any parking meter. No more having to worry about having spare change or getting parking tickets.

Our feature allows you to select the period of time, location and load funds directly from your EMoney Wallet to fulfill your parking session. Push notifications provide you updates for when time is running out and with a quick reload you can extend the meter time from anywhere you are!


Customers can purchase their fare before they ever board a bus. No more fumbling for exact change! This will save the transit system time loading passengers onto the bus and increase the amount of riders by providing an alternative to cash payments.

Registration and Funding

Transit customers who possess a mobile device are able to go to their respective “App Stores” and download the free EMoney app. Once downloaded the user completes a simple registration process and links a credit/debit card or a bank account to their EMoney account. After registration the user is able to fund their account in order to make purchases.

Fare Display

Once a rider has purchased a ticket they will have access to it until the expiration time for that specific fare. Upon boarding a bus the rider simply presents the screen of their phone displaying their purchased fare for verification by the driver. Included in EMoney are multiple security features allowing a driver to instantly recognize that the screen is displaying a legitimately purchased ticket and not a screenshot of a previously used or expired ticket.

Implementation Plan

EMoney is a fully functional app that has already been deployed to facilitate Pay for Transit. Adding a new transit system to the app can be completed with ease. While a new transit system is being added Elavon coordinates with the transit authority to facilitate driver and administrative training. Because of the simplicity of validating the security features of a ticket most drivers can be trained in less than 5 minutes to recognize the new fare purchases. Elavon also uses the development time to train administrative personnel on the reporting features of EMoney.

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