Get peace of mind and an unprecedented level of protection. TransVault: A revolutionary way to transmit, store and secure sensitive cardholder data.

Introducing EMoney TransVault: Designed and developed specifically for POS companies, integration partners and merchants. Elavon eliminates risk by storing, maintaining and managing all sensitive cardholder data on behalf of the merchants with the latest PCI standards. This also eliminates any PCI/PA-DSS obligations. Our proven solution will save you time and money.

Elavon provides all cardholder data that is encrypted via encrypted readers, thus bypassing the POS entirely. Manually keyed transactions prompt a GUI to appear for submission of all required data. This method prevents cardholder information from being hijacked by keystroke loggers, sniffing devices or other hacking methodologies. These transactions are then delivered securely to one of our redundant Elavon data centers for approval. Encrypted transactions are received, decrypted, authorized or declined and a response is sent to the originating POS in less than .38 milliseconds.

Benefits & Features:
  • Avoid costly non-compliant penalties
  • Secure data
  • Eliminate unnecessary gateways
  • Utilize a PCI-compliant payment application
  • Multi-location processing
  • End-to-End encryption
  • PCI
  • PED
  • EMV Terminals

Elavon products and platforms are proven to enhance security, reduce costs and advance consumer relations. Our end-to-end, PCI-compliant, encrypted security systems offer superior protection. Your customers are your greatest asset. Elavon provides you with the solutions that allow you to protect that asset.

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