Frequently Asked Questions

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What is EMoney and how does it work?

EMoney is a proprietary, host-based platform (virtual terminal) that enables merchants to accept payments, set employee access privileges, view transactions/reports/settlement activity, and statements. EMoney provides a complete solution for brick and mortar merchants that wish to enjoy the convenience of processing transactions through their PC. EMoney is also easily integrated with any Point-Of-Sale, management software, or website. This provides for a truly integrated solution, and eliminates the complications typically associated with analog environments. Elavon controls the entire transaction process from the point of authorization all the way to the point of settlement, providing merchants with a single point of contact on all processing issues.

What type of environments can use EMoney?

Dynamic by design, EMoney is a secure transaction platform, serving all market segments through one host-based system. From Retail and Restaurant applications, to Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) and E-commerce environments, EMoney provides the merchant with the ability to run all transactions through a single platform. By providing the merchant with many access level options, accounts may be designed to reflect desired roaming privileges.

What types of transactions does EMoney enable me to process?

EMoney has been designed to support all card types (Visa®, MasterCard®, Diners Club®, Discover/Novus® Card Types, and American Express®). EMoney also supports Purchasing Card level-II, EMoney Gift Cards, and PMoney.

How do I get started?

To begin processing with Elavon, you must establish a Visa/MasterCard merchant account. To apply for one, please click here, or call sales at (800)834-7790 ext 1.

How fast is an EMoney transaction?

Transactions are completed in .38 milliseconds.

Can I use EMoney on my mobile phone?

Yes. Elavon has an EMoney mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. The mobile application provides the flexibility of accepting credit card payments on the go. The device is compatible with an Elavon mobile card swipe that connects securely through the Audio Jack on the device.

Click here to download the iPhone EMoney Mobile Application

EMoney EFTTop

What is EMoney EFT and how does it work?

EMoney EFT allows you to debit funds directly from a customer’s checking account using ACH processing or the traditional credit card payment method. You can set payments up as a one-time, monthly, or annual payment. You can customize the payment schedule to best fit your business or customer’s needs.

How is processing ACH through EFT more cost effective than accepting credit cards for membership dues?

With credit card charges, the fees you pay are comprised of a discount rate and per item fee. ACH transactions are assessed a flat fee only.

How does EFT maximize efficiencies?

EMoney EFT allows you to collect your funds in a timelier manner and reduce your accounts receivable costs by eliminating the need for stamps, envelopes and paper. Everything is done electronically – simplifying and increasing your account collections.

What types of transactions does EMoney EFT enable me to process?

Members provide you with a primary drafting account (checking) and/or a credit card.

How long do EFT transactions take to process?

Funds are typically available within 2-3 Business Days.

EMoney BillPayTop

What is EMoney BillPay and how does it work?

EMoney BillPay is a customizable secure member portal that allows your clients to manage their own membership dues online.

What is the difference between EMoney EFT and EMoney BillPay?

The main difference between the two platforms is who initiates the transaction. BillPay is a customer initiated transaction, allowing your members to pay their memberships fees online at their convenience. EFT is a merchant initiated transaction allowing you to draft funds from your customer’s checking or credit card accounts on a schedule that bests fits your billing needs.

What types of transactions does EMoney BillPay enable me to process?

Members will have the opportunity to setup their account with primary, secondary and tertiary methods of payment to be charged at their discretion. The methods of payment include credit card, bank account, and/or PMoney.

Do I need a website?

You will need a website that members can securely log into in order to pay or schedule their payments.

EMoney Hosted PaymentsTop

What is EMoney Hosted Payments?

EMoney Hosted Payments is a secure E-Commerce payment platform that easily integrates with any merchant’s existing webpage. We use a different approach to processing your payments by cutting out all the intermediate parties that normally stand between you and your payment. With EMoney Hosted Payments, you deal with one payment processor only, we take care of the rest.

Who can use EMoney Hosted Payments?

Anyone who has a website, and wants to accept payments, can use Hosted Payments. Whether you're a small business owner looking to create a smooth web experience, or a massive business looking for a comprehensive payment information management system, Hosted Payments contains the tools to get the job done.

How does it work?

Our iframe technology allows us to place our payment page directly within your existing website. Its flexible architecture delivers aesthetic congruence from navigation to checkout. Visitors never leave your native URL, promoting confidence and less shopping cart abandonment.

Are there setup and hosting costs?

There are no additional setup or hosting costs. We’ve made the integration process simple, seamless, and secure. We will work with your web developer throughout the entire process.

What kinds of cards can I accept with EMoney Hosted Payments?

You can accept almost any kind of credit or debit card, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club. Hosted Payments also allows you to draft a customer’s bank account directly.

Why is EMoney Hosted Payments better than other solutions?

EMoney Hosted Payments prioritizes your security above all else. The sensitive card data that requires special handling never touches your software. Instead, the information is sent directly to our servers, and is processed there, letting you stay on track handling the rest of your website.

How long does it take to integrate with Hosted-Payments?

An experienced developer can integrate with Hosted Payments in less than half an hour.

What languages do you support?

We provide a client-side Javascript library for mobile and desktop websites. Hosted Payments is a RESTful web service, allowing you to write to it from any language, but to make things easier, we provide Server Side helper libraries for C# (.NET), Java, and PHP.

Can I use EMoney Hosted Payments for recurring billing?

EMoney Hosted Payments offers you complete control over your recurring billing customers. By providing you with tokens to represent your customers, you can have us charge any amount, on any payment schedule.

How can I see what happens to my recurring payments?

Elavon offers a merchant-customized portal, allowing you to log-in and review your recurring payments. You'll be able to easily identify and follow up on failed payments, along with viewing detailed reports on your entire portfolio.

Do I have to be PCI compliant?

Yes. Fortunately, by using EMoney Hosted Payments, you've removed yourself entirely from handling any sensitive card information. This makes being PCI Compliant an effortless step.

How does the end-to-end encryption work?

When a customer enters their payment information into your page, we receive it over a secured HTTP connection. We then process the payment, return the processed result to your page, allowing you to proceed without ever seeing the sensitive details.

PMoney BusinessTop

What is PMoney?

PMoney is mobile living. It’s an exciting pay-by-phone solution that allows your business to Pay, Save, Earn…

Why should you accept PMoney?

PMoney doesn’t replace any of your current acceptance methods; it simply adds to them. PMoney is a new and more cost-effective currency.

Pay: You can now accept payments from customers using their mobile phone number as their payment method. Reduce checkout traffic and improve the customer experience. Customers will no longer have to pull out their wallet or fumble through their purse to make a purchase.

Save: The average merchant currently pays between 2-3% to accept most credit card types. PMoney transactions are 0.5%, reducing your fees by up to 70%.

Earn: Generate a recurring revenue stream by promoting PMoney as a payment type. Every time you refer a new customer to sign up for PMoney, their account is linked to your business. Everywhere they spend PMoney you will receive .05% of their purchases for the lifetime of those accounts.

How do I sign up?

In order to start receiving PMoney payments, all your business needs is an internet accessible PC and to follow these simple steps:

  • Register at
  • Download the Mobile Authorization Payment System (MAPS) Application
  • Add PMoney tender type in your POS settings

Once your registration is complete, you will be assigned a PMoney Business ID# (BID). Display your Business ID on your website and storefront. You will be provided with the necessary display vehicles such as web links, table tents, and stickers.

Is PMoney compatible with my POS system?

PMoney was built to work with any processor or POS system. In order to track PMoney transactions in your POS system, simply add a “tender type” in your POS settings (just as you would for accepting gift cards). By adding a “PMoney” tender type to your POS, you can track your PMoney sales. If you run into issues adding a tender type to your POS, please contact us or your POS provider and ask, “How do I add a tender type?”

Do I have to change my processor to accept PMoney?

Although there are numerous benefits to converting to Elavon as your merchant services provider, changing your processor is not required. We are happy to complete a complimentary cost analysis to illustrate a potential savings. If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, please contact a Relationship Manager at (800) 834-7790 ext. 1 or for a free quote.

How can I monitor my transactions?

Every merchant will be provided with a PMoney administration account that will enable you to track your transactions and trends.


Mobile Authorization Payment System (MAPS) is a downloadable application that is works parallel with any POS system. MAPS will minimize or maximize over your traditional POS screens. The checkout process works like any other transaction. When a customer makes a PMoney purchase, you will receive a pop up payment notification on your MAPS application indicating “Payment Received”. Simply confirm payment by issuing an email/text receipt or by verifying ID. Tender the transaction in your POS system as “PMoney” and issue the customer their itemized receipt.

What do I need to start accepting PMoney?

In order to start accepting PMoney payments, all your business needs is an internet accessible PC. Checkout your customer as you would for any other purchase. During checkout, the customer has 3 payments options depending on your merchant setup:

Option 1. Mobile Authorization Payment System (MAPS) Universal - No Integration Required:

Customer accesses their PMoney app on their mobile phone. They choose “Pay a Business”, enter your Business ID# and the amount owed. You will receive a pop up payment notification on your MAPS application indicating “Payment Received”. Select your receipt type and minimize MAPS to return to your POS screen.

Option 2. Barcode Scan – POS that is fully integrated with Elavon required:

Customer presents mobile phone with their PMoney Card displayed. Simply scan the barcode on the screen and you’re done! (This option is available for businesses using a POS software that is integrated with Elavon)

Option 3. Customer Facing Terminal POS that is fully integrated with Elavon required:

If you have an Elavon customer facing terminal, the customer chooses PMoney as their payment method, enters their mobile phone number and 4-digit PIN. Funds are transferred immediately.

How will I know when I receive a payment?

When a customer makes a PMoney purchase, you will receive payment notification through your Mobile Authorization Payment System (MAPS) and/or your PMoney Portal at MAPS serves as a payment notification system allowing you to issue immediate text and email receipts. Your PMoney Portal offers more comprehensive reporting and in-depth analytics.

Will I still be able to give my customers receipts?

The customer can be issued an itemized paper receipt from the POS and/or a text/email receipt from PMoney.

Can I issue refunds using PMoney?

Refunds can only be issued through your PMoney backend. Each transaction has an adjacent “Refund” button.

How much will it cost to get set up?

It costs nothing to begin accepting PMoney payments. Merchants pay only 0.5% with no per item fee for all PMoney transactions.

PMoney Platform Packages

Browse our PMoney Product menu to select the platforms that best suit your business. Platforms can be purchased as packages or independently.

Can I accept other mobile payment solutions as well?

You can accept additional mobile payment solutions, but don’t be fooled; you will pay hefty credit card and ancillary fees for other solutions. PMoney is your ticket to reducing your fees by 70%!

PMoney ConsumerTop

What is PMoney?

PMoney is an exciting pay-by-phone solution that will finally allow you to Lose the Wallet!

Why should I use PMoney?

No cash? No cards? No problem! Enjoy the freedom to pay on the go! Never fumble for your credit cards or have to pull out your wallet again. Experience the ease and convenience of paying with [or without] your phone. You can pay your friends, pay a business, and track all spending and purchases through your online account.

How does PMoney work?
Pay a Business

Option 1: Smartphone

Barcode Scan:

  • Select “Pay a Business” or choose your PMoney Account under the “My Wallet” tab on the PMoney mobile app home screen
  • Your virtual PMoney card will appear
  • Scan phone at checkout
  • You’re on your way!

(This option is available for businesses using a POS software that is integrated with Elavon)

No Barcode Scan:

  • Select “Pay a Business” on the PMoney mobile app home screen
  • Click “Enter Business ID” on the bottom of your PMoney Virtual gift card
  • Enter the “Business ID” (should be displayed at checkout or ask cashier)
  • Enter “Amount”
  • “Review” and “Confirm” payment
  • You will receive a text or email receipt (your preference)

Option 2: Customer Facing Terminal

At Checkout:

  • The terminal will display: “Pay by Card” or “Pay by Phone
  • Select “Pay by Phone”
  • Enter your mobile phone number along with your 4 digit PIN
  • Confirm Payment

(This option is available for businesses using a POS software and customer facing terminal that is integrated with Elavon)

To Pay a Person

Want to pay a friend? No problem, simply:

  • Select “Pay a Friend” or “Pay a Contact” on the mobile app home screen
  • Enter the name from your contact list or type in the recipient’s mobile phone number
  • Choose the amount to be paid
  • Attach a note if needed, i.e. “Thanks for lunch!”
  • “Review” and “Confirm” payment
How do I know which businesses are accepting PMoney?

Every participating business will be provided with PMoney acceptance stickers that should be displayed at the registers or entrance ways of all participating locations. Consumers can log into and see a list of accepting merchant locations. The PMoney mobile application has Merchant Location Capabilities notifying you of local PMoney merchants and discounts in your area.

Can I make online payments?

You can pay using PMoney online while checking out of shopping carts utilizing the EMoney Hosted Payments.

Do I have to be tech savvy to use PMoney?

No, all PMoney features are extremely user friendly. Upon logging into your account, you will be sent a validation code via text. After entering your validation code, you will enter your personal PIN # (set up during registration), and then you’ll be ready to make payments.

Do I have to wait for a validation code every time I log into my account?

No, once you log into your account, you have the option to skip the validation portion of the login process for instant access to your account. For security purposes you will always be required to enter your PIN when logging in.

Can I transfer money into my PMoney account from the PMoney mobile app or

You can transfer funds from or from your smartphone using our PMoney app.

How quickly will I have access to the funds that I transfer into my PMoney account?

If the amount was loaded from your credit card, the funds will be available immediately. If loaded from your bank account, the funds will be available within 2-3 business days.

Do I have to be registered with PMoney to receive funds?

Registration is easy and seamless. We require basic account information in order to make sure you collect your funds.

What happens if I run out of money on my PMoney account during a purchase? Can I use a secondary method as backup?

PMoney will prompt you to add additional funds to your account if you do not have enough money to complete a transaction. You will also receive alerts if your balance goes below your set threshold.

PMoney PromotionsTop

How are promotions sent?

To send a promotion all you need is a customer's email or mobile number. Businesses can easily import existing customer contact lists.

How can promotions be redeemed?

Customers receive an email containing promotional details with a link to download the virtual Promo Card. To redeem, shoppers present their smartphone with the Promo Card displayed.

Don’t have a barcode scan?

No problem! Promo Codes can be manually entered.

Share with Your Friends

Yes, if the promotion is sharing enabled, recipients simply click “Share Promotion” on the bottom of the Promo Card, then enter the mobile number(s) of those they would like to send the savings to.

Virtual Gift CardTop

What is a Virtual Gift Card?

A virtual gift card is an electronic gift card. It takes the place of a traditional plastic gift card or even gift certificates.

How does it work?

A virtual gift card is sent to the recipient’s email, which can either be printed as a hard copy or accessed through their smartphone application. When using the mobile app, users simply present their phones with the Virtual Gift Card displayed. The merchant scans the barcode and they’re on their way!

How do I purchase a Virtual Gift Card?

Virtual gift cards can be ordered at participating merchant locations, online at, or through the PMoney Mobile App.

How is a virtual gift card delivered?

A virtual gift card is delivered instantly via text or email or both and can be presented as part of the PMoney mobile wallet.

Does the recipient need to be a PMoney user?

The recipient does not have to be a PMoney user to redeem their virtual gift card.

How do I add a virtual gift card to the PMoney Wallet?

If you have an existing PMoney account, the moment you receive a virtual gift card, it is automatically added to your wallet. If you are not a PMoney user, all you have to do is sign up and it will automatically appear in the wallet. If you are not a PMoney user, and don’t wish to be, simply click the link included in the text or email and it will pull up the virtual gift card for redemption.

What if the merchant does not have a barcode scanner?

The gift card number can be manually entered by the merchant.

Are there expiration dates on virtual gift cards?

Virtual gift cards do not expire.

What happens if I lose my virtual gift card?

Not a problem! Click here:

How do I upload my own images for a virtual gift card?

If you are a business, log into and upload your image there.

Can virtual gift cards function as loyalty cards as well?

Yes. As a merchant you can control every aspect of your loyalty programs with customer demographics, robust reporting, and mass marketing abilities.

Do I have to be an Elavon merchant in order to issue virtual cards through PMoney?

Any business can have their gift cards delivered virtually. Elavon functions simply as a distribution channel in this case.

How are funds placed into my account?

The funds received from virtual gift card purchases are automatically deposited into the designated business banking account.


Can I pay the invoice right from my mobile phone?

You can pay your invoices through the PMoney mobile app or directly through the PInvoice app.

Will I be able to view my invoice prior to paying?

Both the PMoney mobile app and PInvoice app will display a detailed view of the invoice prior to prompting you to pay, schedule for payment, or dispute the invoice.

Will I have the opportunity to schedule my payment for the near future?

PInvoices provides the ability to choose a designated date to pay the chosen invoice.

Will I be able to dispute the bill if I want?

There will be an option to dispute the invoice which will prompt for the reason for your dispute.