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Elavon takes great pride in developing innovative technologies to meet the ever changing needs of the next generation of payment processing. Some of our greatest strengths are in the incredible relationships we have developed over the last decade with other recognized leaders in both the Financial as well as the Information Technology sectors. Our expertise in payment processing, flexible architecture and broad support for industry software standards will continue to enable us to seamlessly integrate with virtually any POS software.

Integration with Elavon allows businesses to transition from a fragmented, multi-vendor, intricate setup into one seamless and robust solution. Our fully integrated solutions eliminate 3rd party involvement, maximize security, minimize redundancies, streamline reporting and allow businesses to take full advantage of their POS software.

Our end-to-end encrypted payment application protects merchants and their consumers from the concerns of compromise. Elavon controls the entire transaction process from the point of authorization all the way to the point of settlement, eliminating the responsibility for PCI compliance for both the POS developer and the merchant. Our flexible architecture easily secures and transfers sensitive data from merchant’s current servers to ours without error or interruption of service. We exceeded the recommended security standards with state of the art data encryption and tokenization techniques.

If you are interested in learning how your organization can incorporate Elavon technologies into your existing or planned software, send us an email to so an authorized Elavon Integration Specialist can contact you to begin the process. We will work with your company every step of the way.

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